Calligraphy Table

Calligraphy | Chinese painting

Innovative and Intelligent

Calligraphy Table is an innovative and intelligent tool that combines traditional calligraphy practices with modern technology. It is perfect for use in educational institutions, museums, hotels, conference halls, and other venues where calligraphy can be showcased and enjoyed by the public.

Chinese Calligraphy

  • Creation
  • Knowledge
  • Practice
  • Selfie

Leveraging technology to
advance cultural promotion.

The free writing and painting module offers features such as ink dipping, the ability to choose brush sizes, and customizable writing and painting backgrounds. The calligraphy and painting copying module allows users to copy the works of famous calligraphers and painters

Chinese Painting

  • Techniques
  • Gallery
  • Practice
  • Creation

The Chinese painting module provides users with a range of resources and tools to learn and practice traditional Chinese painting techniques.

This module also includes information on the history and development of Chinese painting and the different painting styles and techniques.