Our Features

Efficiency & Accuracy

Stock-take 300 books in 22s

Professional Onsite Tagging Service

Tag 2000 books per day by our professionals

Integrate with General Library Management System in HK

Library Master, Library CEO, eClass Library module, SLS

RFID Library Equipment Series

Include self-service Machine, Security Antenna, Book Return Box, Smart Bookcase

Express Installation

Complete all installation and login setup within two weeks

365+ Services

Provide all-rounded onsite training & maintenance service

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Easy steps for tagging a book

Million Tech Smart Education's New RFID Smart Library School Visit and Sharing Event

How it works?

Stick and register RFID tags to the books by us

Self-service machine for borrowing/returning books in your library

Security Antenna for preventing books take away

Book Return Box for automatically returning books

Auto synchronization to your library management system

i.e Library Master, Library CEO, eClass Library module, SLS

RFID Handheld Terminal for stock taking and searching books quickly

Our RFID handheld terminal can help you stock-take 300 books in 22s.

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