Barcode Solution

  • Simplify the order process. Increase work efficiency
  • User friendly data input interface and reports
  • Inventory and quantity can be verified promptly
  • Order status and inventory level can be monitored easily
  • Use e-form, e-reports. Eliminating the use of hard copies

Inventory Management And Control System

The solution is further deployed to other usage, such as medication. During drugs prescription, nurse can retrieve the information of patient’s wristband from tablet, which records the medication list belongs to the patient. The double-check procedure avoids wrong drugs dispense.

Patient Identification

Data Capture Automation

In-patient safety is an important issue in hospital that Patient Identification is developed for managing high risk process.

A solution for matching patient’s wristband barcode and corresponding job is provided. Staff can use handheld terminal to scan patients’ wristband and verify the patient identity.

After the implementation, patient safety is assured and no accident reported.

Healthcare Solutions

Appointment System

Medical Report System

Barcode Inventory System

Medicine Inventory and Dispensary System

Photo Assistant Mobile App

Patient Identification

Medication Order Entry Training System

X-Ray OCR Pre-Check System