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Success Story: Health Care (3) – IPMOE (Inpatient Medication Order Entry) Training System

IPMOE (Inpatient Medication Order Entry) Training System
Improved accuracy by 78% and reduced medical errors by 30%

Our clients are nursing schools that offer rigorous training to produce qualified healthcare professionals capable of delivering high-quality nursing services.


As electronic medical records become increasingly popular, the IPMOE System serves as a vital component of the content management system (CMS). To enhance the practical experience of students during their coursework, a high-fidelity demo of the medication dispensing process interface is needed for nursing schools.


Million Tech customized a program for an IPMOE demo with 80% lifelike interface and provided handheld devices and printers for nursing students to practice dispensing medication. We also offered update and enhancement support as needed.

Values created

Million Tech’s IPMOE demo program improves training with 80% accuracy and handhelds/printers for practical dispensing practice. Electronic practice records help identify mistakes and reduce errors in real cases. Launching IPMOE improves accuracy/efficiency by 78%, reduces medical errors by 30%.