Improved accuracy for process of patient verification We have maintained a long-standing partnership with two major general hospitals in Hong Kong for 10 years, regularly assessing and upgrading the equipment within the facilities. Challenges There used to be a lot of manual labor required in the radiology department’s patient registration, identity verification, and formal CT/X-ray
Facilitate easy learning for employees, resulting in a smoother workflow Our client is a Hong Kong-based global luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle department store renowned for its high-end European fashion. It also a specialty store that boasts the largest collection of designer brands in the Greater China region. Challenges Due to the need for revamping
Issues such as incorrect distribution and loss of uniforms were encountered. Million Tech introduced the RFID Uniform Management System help achieve accurate management of uniform and save time during inventory checks.
Improve both workplace safety, occupational health and efficiency We have maintained a decade-long partnership with major general hospitals in Hong Kong. Challenges The operational demands of local medical facilities have become increasingly complex. The daily needs for managing supplies and patient care are frequent, yet recruiting and retaining qualified personnel has become progressively challenging. Our
Enhance both workplace safety and efficiency Our client, U-Freight Group (UFL), one of the leading international freight service providers headquartered in Hong Kong, offers a wide range of services, including freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and logistics solutions. Challenges The local logistics and handling demands have surged due to the rapid growth of e-commerce. Handling a