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Success Story: RFID Uniform Management System

Streamline the process of matching and distributing uniforms, thereby enhancing efficiency

Our client is a renowned private enterprise group based in Hong Kong, with diversified businesses and investments, including real estate development, investment, construction, and property management.


The group’s property management company and other entities provide uniforms to employees, which are laundered by an external company before distribution and returned after use. Occasionally, issues such as incorrect distribution and loss of uniforms were encountered. To achieve more accurate entry and exit records and authentication, the client needed an advanced electronic system to replace manual registration methods.


Million Tech introduced the RFID Uniform Management System, which includes software design and RFID reading devices. The software allows the configuration of uniform and employee data, supplier and laundry company information, storage locations, and uniform issuance/return records. By leveraging RFID’s contactless and high-speed reading and quantity calculation technology, coupled with rigorous user permission settings, the system ensures security and reliability.

Values created

The entire solution streamlines the process of matching and distributing uniforms, thereby enhancing efficiency. It also achieves accurate management of uniform storage, distribution, and borrowing/returning data, including details such as uniform type, size, quantity, cleaning frequency and borrowing status management. Users can query information about each uniform, including its department and staff details. The system is effective in preventing uniform theft, promoting awareness among employees to safeguard their personal uniforms. Additionally, it saves time during inventory checks.