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Success Story: Health Care (1) – RFID Inventory System

RFID Inventory System
Real-time Inventory Tracking and Efficient Stock-Take Procedure

Our clients are two major public general hospitals in Hong Kong providing 24-hour emergency and general medical services as well as various specialist services for residents.


Prior to RFID implementation, the Pathology Department in both hospitals manually handled consumables for laboratory testing, resulting in slow workflow and inaccurate stock records, leading to management issues.


Million Tech created a customized RFID Inventory System for the hospital, which included an RFID Printer to relabel each item with a unique ID upon arrival, an RFID Handheld for real-time stock picking and transfer, and a web portal to monitor stock consumption and track usage flow. The system also included FIFO control and alerts for expired items, as well as safety stock alerts.

Values created

Customized reports and alerts have improved stock control, while stock-related procedures now take only 1-2 minutes.