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Success Story: RFID Solution

A large laundry service in Hong Kong supplies garment washing service for enterprises, to provide high quality and reliable laundry service including linen, uniforms, suits, etc.


Pick-up service of heavy unwashed laundry from customer was counted manually for about 30 minutes each location. Counting error might be occurred, while discrepancy of garment quantity affects the income received from its clients.


Million Tech has developed an RFID system to replace the existing manual tasks in counting the quantity of laundry collected from clients. Shielded RFID workstation is installed at customer site for batch registration & counting, while RFID tag is attached on each garment. Staff can pass all soiled garments through the workstation for counting.

Values created

The application increases data accuracy by automatic capture the RFID tag attached on the garment. The traceability of upcoming batches of soiled garments is enhanced since the status is update in real time.