Doog Thouzer E-Series

robotic cart


  • Offer different usuage level from simple button
  • Navigation work in gihly dynamic environment
  • Customization choice for navigation, interface and accessories


  • Autonomous Memory Trace
  • Collaborative Follow-Me
  • Line Tracking navigation


Additional information


Thouzer Mini, Thouzer Standard, Thouzer Giant

Robot Dimension

455mm(W) x 485mm(L), 600mm(W) x 950mm (L), 700mm(W) x 1180(L)

Load Surface

330mm (W) x 450mm (L), 600mm (W) x 750mm (L), 700mm (W) x 1000mm (L)

Platform Height

295mm, 455mm, 455mm


60kg, 120kg, 300kg

Towing Capacity ※1

150kg, 300kg, 600kg

Max Speed

5.5km/h (FM) , 3.6km/h (MT/LT), 7.5km/h(FM), 3.6km/h (MT/LT), 7.5km/h(FM), 3.6km/h (MT/LT

Minimum Radius of Rotation

~0.36m, ~0.72m, ~1.0m

Max Step ※3

3cm (for all models)

Battery (Lead-acid Type)

2x 12V 22Ah, 2x 12V 34Ah, 2x 12V 75Ah

Maximum Slope Gradient

6 Degrees (Maximum payload) (for all models)

Battery Run Time (Distance)

Up to 15km (full charge), Up to 20km (full charge), Up to 20km (full charge)

Charging Time

Approximately up to 8 hours (0%-100%)

IP Class


Standard LiDAR Sensor

Memory Trace Range (30m) , Height (~30cm), FOV (320), Memory Trace Range (30m) , Height (~30cm), FOV (270)

Additional LiDAR Sensor (MT)

3D Memory Trace Range (100m) and +15 degrees vertical view angle / 2D Memory Trace Range (30m), Height (adjustable between 1.2m to 2m), FOV (360)

Additional LiDAR Sensor (LT)

Optional for Line Trace /Highway Navigation

Safety Features

Obstacle Detection, Emergency Stop Button (Front), Bumper Switch, Alarm Device (Sound), Indication Light (Op)