Founded in 1987, Million Tech Development is a pioneering one-stop IT solutions provider that excels in delivering professional tailor-made solutions with values.

With over 35 years of experience and a team of industry experts, we are committed to providing diverse solutions that cater to the unique needs of various enterprises. Our specialized Business Units, including Smart Education, Labelling Solution, Auto-ID, Vending & Kiosk, IT Support Service, and MT Enterprise, offer comprehensive support to different industries, coupled with our 365+ service to ensure excellent customer experience.


Committed to creating value and resolving IT-related problems, Million Tech and our business units provide unique, innovative and effective one-stop IT solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Leveraging technology to enhance school operations and elevate student learning engagement. Our best-selling products included RFID Smart Library, Smart Locker.

Offering an all-in-one intelligent labelling solution that utilizes AI-powered robot to handle large amount of labelling process, significantly increase productivity.

By employing customized interactive software and outlook, vending machine and kiosk can be unique for different brands and industries, providing unparalleled user experiences.

Implement strategies and processes by utilizing the most appropriate IT technologies. The goal is to simplify and guide you to success in your enterprise projects.

Offering 365-day quick support with a professional team, assisting retails and SMEs in resolving various IT and technical issues to maintaining normal operations.

Providing a range of auto-ID solutions and complementing hardware, which simplify the workflows especially logistics and inventory management processes.

We Create Value²

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Our vision is to become the leader of the IT industry by providing our customers with unique, innovative, and professional services and solutions that deliver remarkable ROI.


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Own R&D and Software Integration Team – Through prudent strategic planning, research and development, we set up a wholly-owned control unit for special hardware design.


We have received numerous awards for our exceptional services and solutions.



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We cooperate with globally recognized partners and work with clients from different industries and commercial sectors to implement business solutions with advanced technologies that match their growing businesses.