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Success Story: Robotics Automated Labelling System (7) for Cosmetic Distributor

Sped up the product shelving for sales by 30%
Reduced labeling costs and space occupation by 50%

Our client is the official distributor of several brands under a well-known Japanese beauty group in Hong Kong, Macau, and China. They specialize in offering a one-stop platform for trendy, affordable, and high-quality Japanese cosmetics, skincare, and lifestyle products.


The client’s monthly shipment volumes were inconsistent, resulting in irregular labeling demands. Besides, manual labeling was costly and difficult to manage, as it required arranging manpower and occupying significant warehouse space.


Million Tech provided a rental plan for their one-stop AI labeling system, which includes the installation of high-speed 4-axis robotic arms, a direct thermal transfer printer, and label design system at the client’s warehouse office. Labeling work can be initiated immediately upon arrival of goods, with labels printed and applied in real-time. Additionally, the plan including label material, design and printing, user training, and complete technical support.

Values created

The solution effectively improved production process, boosting product shelving and sales by 30%. Immediate labeling upon goods arrival, reducing labeling costs and space occupation by 50%. Enhanced warehouse space planning by eliminating the need for advance label stocking.