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Success Story: Robotics Automated Labelling System (4)

Cost-effective hiring strategy results in 30% increase in available workforce and reduced recruitment expenses

A popular Hong Kong department store with 10 branches and over 28 years of experience specializes in Japanese imports, including fashion, cosmetics, electronics, accessories, and daily commodities.


The client faces a labor shortage in food labeling, particularly during seasonal or occasional periods, with over 5,000 types of food imports and products to manage.


Million Tech provides a rental plan for their one-stop AI labeling system, which includes installing high-speed 4-axis robotic arms, a direct thermal transfer printer, and label design system at the client’s warehouse office. Additionally, the plan covers food label design and printing, user training, and complete technical support.

Values created

This resulted in a reduction in annual recruitment costs and a 30% increase in available manpower, allowing resources to be allocated to other areas/departments.