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Success Story: Facial recognition attendance management system

Our client has a diversified property portfolio in the Hong Kong. They engaged contractors for handling cleansing and building security for maintaining the safe and hygiene environment for the residents.


Traditional attendance solution will either authenticate the users by either punch card or key-in, which are easy to counterfeit the attendance records.

Most workers lacks in the computer literacy, and required quick input-and-response accurately to prevent long-queuing during shift change.


We delivered tailor-made solution with facial recognition technology. The solution included a backend web system, a facial recognition device and facial recognition attendance software.

The facial device touch screen is big enough with simple icons for workers to read the instructions clearly and easily, and small enough to fit into all estate offices without blocking the way/isles. 

The accuracy of the facial recognition engine and software were carefully tuned, such that error threshold is high enough to fence off counterfeit, but not too low to recognize a face as another person.

Values created

The easy to use and highly accurate facial recognition front-end allows workers to take trusted attendance records fast and accurate without the need of a supervisor to oversee the process.

Clock-in/Clock-out are recorded properly and systematically for back-end users to review based on exception reports generated from the system periodically. All attendance records are traceable within the system when exception arises.