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Success Story: Travel and Transportation (1)

Bus Management / Bus Park Information System
Keep track of Bus in and out with location stated at the bus station

Our client is a public transportation agency in Hong Kong that offers daily bus services. They have adopted innovative technologies and environmentally-friendly solutions to improve safety, service quality, and operational efficiency for the public.


Before implementing RFID, manual arrangements and processing were time-consuming, record-keeping was incomplete, and human errors were common.


Million Tech provided a customized information system and over 50 industrial-grade RFID handhelds for the station manager to walk through the bus station, capturing bus numbers and parking slots using NFC tags. Data is uploaded to the customer’s backend system via a cradle connected to a dedicated PC. Windshield RFID tags are used for better reading performance.

Values created

Manpower for manual bus location marking reduced, accurate integration of data with backend system to avoid additional data processing.