Support plastic-free policies and relieve service pressure customer service & sales spot Solution ✓ Enhance guests’ shopping experience ✓ Relieve the management pressure of hotel housekeeping department ✓ Guests can simply tap their room card to purchase a range of available products based on their needs Solutions Customer Service / Sales Spot End user:
Implement civic education promotion and enhance customer engagement Gamification Solution ✓ Create public awareness ✓ Increase user experience by delivering educational information in a more engaging way Solutions Rewards Redemption End user: Shopping MallProduct: Vending Machine, Portable Scanner
Saved additional booths and manpower O2O REDEMPTION Solution ✓ Reduce Manpower ✓ Enhance Efficiency and Customer Experience Solutions Rewards Redemption End user: Shopping Mall (associated with mobile app)Product: Vending Machine, Portable Scanner
Enhance exposure and boost actual sales sales spot Solution ✓ Enhance brand exposure ✓ Increase direct sales Solutions Promotion / Sales Spot End user: Retailer / Shopping MallProduct: Vending Machine, Octopus ReaderPayments Support: Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay
User Friendly and Save Manpower Self Payment System Solution ✓ Reduce Manpower ✓ Increase Efficiency and user satisfaction Solutions Streamlining the operations using kiosk device and receipt printer End user: LogisticProduct: Kiosk, Receipt Printer, Octopus Reader, Portable Scanner
Save Time and Cost Diversion System Solution ✓ Improved Employee Efficiency Solutions Streamlining the operations using kiosk device and receipt printer End user: HospitalProduct: Kiosk, QR Code Reader, Octopus Reader
Enhance Engagement and customer experience Game Registration Solution ✓ Automated Game Sign In for Marketing Event ✓ Enhance Engagement with Participants Solutions Streamlining resource for marketing event End user: Internal / Event AgencyProduct: Kiosk, Receipt Printer
Create brand awareness and Enhance exposure sale spot Solution ✓ Enhance exposure rate ✓ Increase interactive with customers Solutions Promotion / Sale Spot End user: Clinic / University CampusProduct: Vending Machine, Octopus Reader
Enhance customer engagement and user experience SALE SPOT Solution ✓ Increase customer engagement ✓ Increase footfall and vistor traffic Solutions Promotional Sale Spot End user: Shopping Mall / AirportProduct: Vending Machine, Octopus Reader, Portable Scanner