Success Story: Voice Picking System (3)

Improved Efficiency by 50% through Consolidation of Orders and Optimized Travel Paths Our client is a global supplier of pneumatic and electric drive technology for factory and process automation, operating in over 60 countries. They also have a headquarters in Mainland China, providing comprehensive solutions for industries such as automotive, rubber, food and beverage packaging,

Success Story: Voice Picking System (2)

Twice the Efficiency in Picking and 99.9% Accuracy in Shipping Achieved Our client is an international courier service established in Guangdong Province, China in the early 1990s. The company is dedicated to improving service quality, investing in facilities, and developing and implementing IT technologies and equipment for automated operations. Challenges The project deals with high-quality

Success Story: Voice Picking System (1)

Enhanced productivity by up to 30% and reduced training costs and time by up to 80% Our client is a high-end lifestyle chain with 4 Hong Kong stores, offering a top-notch variety of global gourmet products. Challenges Due to a high volume of e-shop orders and a peak season turnover rate, our client seeks a