Inflight Sales Solution

  • Next-day delivery in Hong Kong
  • Earn additional points while shopping
  • Online Payment

The solution offers convenience, rewards, product diversity, quality assurance, and online payment, allowing travelers to shop online and enjoy additional discounts and rewards during their flight.

Bus Management

  • Improve safety
  • Improve service quality
  • Operational efficiency for the public

The solution is further deployed to other usage, such as medication. During drugs prescription, nurse can retrieve the information of patient’s wristband from tablet, which records the medication list belongs to the patient. The double-check procedure avoids wrong drugs dispense.

Coupon Checking System

We provided a one-stop system and scanners to shopping malls and stores in metro stations. Staff can redeem coupons one by one, and data is centralized and recorded in the back office.

Travel and Transportation Solutions

Inflight Sales Solution

Online Shop

Wine inventory tracking

Announcement System
(for cabin crew)

Bus Tracking / Parking
Information System

Vehicle Inspection Booking and
Result System

Coupon Tracking System