Vending machines & Kiosk

Support plastic-free policies and relieve service pressure customer service & sales spot Solution ✓ Enhance guests’ shopping experience ✓ Relieve the management pressure of hotel housekeeping department ✓ Guests can simply tap their room card to purchase a range of available products based on their needs Solutions Customer Service / Sales Spot End user:
Implement civic education promotion and enhance customer engagement Gamification Solution ✓ Create public awareness ✓ Increase user experience by delivering educational information in a more engaging way Solutions Rewards Redemption End user: Shopping MallProduct: Vending Machine, Portable Scanner
Saved additional booths and manpower O2O REDEMPTION Solution ✓ Reduce Manpower ✓ Enhance Efficiency and Customer Experience Solutions Rewards Redemption End user: Shopping Mall (associated with mobile app)Product: Vending Machine, Portable Scanner
全球暖化問題引發了對環保議題更加關切的討論,而香港政府將全面推出「垃圾徵費」政策,鼓勵市民減少浪費,共同建立環保生活。為支持這項環保倡議,物業管理公司不僅提出多元應對方案,Million Tech智能自助機更是其中一個可行的解決方案。
都市固體廢物收費(垃圾收費)預料2024年8月正式展開,所有住宅和非住宅場所(包括工商業界)所棄置的垃圾,須按袋收費, 市民須購買指定尺寸膠袋及標籤,包妥垃圾方可棄置。實施初期,物業管理公司需要協助派發或指定垃圾袋,屆時定必會增加物管人員的工作量,從而出現一些混亂情況。使用智能自助機 (Smart Vending)發放及購買指定垃圾袋,提高住戶自助服務並能24小時按照家居需要來購買不同尺碼的膠袋或標籤,物管人員只需要定時到後台了解銷售情況及安排補貨事宜。
Enhance exposure and boost actual sales sales spot Solution ✓ Enhance brand exposure ✓ Increase direct sales Solutions Promotion / Sales Spot End user: Retailer / Shopping MallProduct: Vending Machine, Octopus ReaderPayments Support: Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay
User Friendly and Save Manpower Self Payment System Solution ✓ Reduce Manpower ✓ Increase Efficiency and user satisfaction Solutions Streamlining the operations using kiosk device and receipt printer End user: LogisticProduct: Kiosk, Receipt Printer, Octopus Reader, Portable Scanner
Save Time and Cost Diversion System Solution ✓ Improved Employee Efficiency Solutions Streamlining the operations using kiosk device and receipt printer End user: HospitalProduct: Kiosk, QR Code Reader, Octopus Reader
Enhance Engagement and customer experience Game Registration Solution ✓ Automated Game Sign In for Marketing Event ✓ Enhance Engagement with Participants Solutions Streamlining resource for marketing event End user: Internal / Event AgencyProduct: Kiosk, Receipt Printer