近期的財政預算案中,政府再度展現了對創科領域的堅定支持,提出在「BUD 專項基金」注入 5 億元資金,除會為申請企業提供 700 萬元資助外,再撥加額外 100 萬元「電商易」專項。這筆資金可助力企業在海外和內地電商市場中,探索更廣闊的業務版圖。然而,要成功轉型為電商企業,企業需要具備清晰的電商營運理念和尋找合適的技術合作夥伴。
一年一度「學與教博覽」(LTE) 即將於12月13日-15日假香港會議展覽中心舉行,今年Million Tech將會繼續參與,而且更聯乘環保物料專家Jibpool及資深室內設計團隊HB&L Limited為學界介紹「一站式智能圖書館解決方案」
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Enhance exposure and boost actual sales sales spot Solution ✓ Enhance brand exposure ✓ Increase direct sales Solutions Promotion / Sales Spot End user: Retailer / Shopping MallProduct: Vending Machine, Octopus ReaderPayments Support: Octopus, WeChat Pay, Alipay and Union Pay
30% increase in available manpower and enhance overall operational efficiency Our client is the Hong Kong’s leading supermarket chain and one of the most trusted brands in Hong Kong. Offering wide range of products every day, it now operates more than 250 outlets in both Hong Kong and Macau. Challenges The client regularly receives large
Reduce costs, both in terms of money and time Our client has been a prominent healthcare specialist for nearly 30 years, operating in the home healthcare market. They continuously strive to develop, manufacture, and globally market healthcare products for end-users. These products include a health mobile app, blood glucose monitors, massage devices, pain therapy solutions,
Improve both workplace safety, occupational health and efficiency We have maintained a decade-long partnership with major general hospitals in Hong Kong. Challenges The operational demands of local medical facilities have become increasingly complex. The daily needs for managing supplies and patient care are frequent, yet recruiting and retaining qualified personnel has become progressively challenging. Our
常言道:「做到老,學到老」。在筆者從事的創新科技領域,發展一日「萬里」,世界各地每日都有新的技術和應用出現,要保持競爭力,必須非常努力,時常保持學習和嘗試的初心,正如Steve Jobs的名言:「Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.」。 正當筆者公司努力推廣「智能圖書館」在本地學校的應用之際,上海長寧區於10月1日正式推出全市第一個深度「智慧圖書館」。這個名為「新頁書房」的智慧閱讀空間,應用了多項數碼科技,為市民帶來一間令人耳目一新的圖書館。